Netflix's best Zodiac-themed movies!

Netflix's selection may be difficult. You binge-watched a Netflix original, majority of their movies, or searched for another 8–9-hour binge.


Action and adventure movies excite Aries. Aries, a fire sign, loves action movies because of their competitiveness and determination. 


Taurus loves movies that move them. Taureans are loyal, responsible, and affectionate. 


Cancers are sensitive and creative. They like complicated things. They are intuitive and protective of loved ones. This sign loves sci-fi fantasy movies that keep them up all night.


Leos are kind and funny. They are bold and energetic. Comedy films make people laugh nonstop. 


Virgos are analytical and hardworking. They are loyal and kind. They like lovely, hilarious romantic comedies.


Libras are pleasant and understanding. Balance is their specialty. Crime/drama movies interest Librans. 


Scorpios are mysterious and sensitive. They are stubborn and intense. Scorpions appreciate suspenseful movies. 


Sagittarius are honest and idealistic. Adventurers and optimists are born under this sign. Dramas captivate them.


Capricorns are determined. Family-oriented Capricorns are dependable. They like viewing animated flicks to feel like kids again.


Aquariuses are smart and independent. Aquarians are bold and eccentric. Aquariuses enjoy romanticism and timeless classics.


Creative Pisces are intuitive. Pisceans love and care. Pisces adore romantic comedies.

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