Needs of                             star kids (series-2)

Scorpios require continual expression. They require alone to ponder their experiences. Give them a safe space to express themselves.

Sagittarius kids inquisitive kids require boundless bounds to explore and enjoy experiences. They may use narrative. Sagittarius children can be impatient, which should be addressed.

Capricorns appreciate responsibility and ambition. Early ambition matters. Giving kids tasks while preventing condescension is key. Find out why your child feels better or worse than other youngsters.

Aquarians enjoy uniqueness. Let them be creative and innovative. Managing moodiness in kids requires teaching meditation and mindfulness.

Pisces kids need a schedule to avoid daydreaming. They may be over-trusting and require education without changing.

Taureans adore comfort and beauty. This youngster will value love, attention, and material presents more than anybody else. 

Venus rules Libra, which loves beauty, elegance, and love. Libra kids love money things and physical adoration. To keep your Libra youngster happy, provide affection often.

Cancer enjoys pampering and has deep emotions. This zodiac sign's kids love their parents, especially their moms, and anticipate lots of attention.

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