Music Taste and Your Zodiac Sign

At the next socially distant group lunch, consider people's zodiac signs when choosing a playlist-maker. Astrology can affect music taste.


Aries love songs they can feel. High-tempo dance beats and self-confident themes suit them because they're energetic, bold, and physical.


Taurus, ruled by Venus, loves natural, organic sound. Tauruses love erotic music.


Mercury governs Gemini. Geminis need mental stimulation and like fast-paced, poetic music. Hip-hop with clever wordplay or intriguing tales.


Cancers are artistic, sensitive, and emotional, which influences their music taste. Crabs prefer nostalgic, emotional sound.


Leos love bold, fun music. Fire signs love creation and joy, so they like dramatic and poppy music equally.


Analytical Mercury-ruled Virgos appreciate fine music and thoughtful lyrics. Virgos like meaningful music and varied singer-songwriters.


Libras love love because Venus rules beauty, music, and love. Libras love lyrical love songs and like to bond with the lyrics. However, bubbly Libras love its romance.


Scorpios' musical tastes reflect their inner intensity. Scorpios prefer pensive music that makes them feel deeply. They may like underground music and tunes with cryptic lyrics.


Sagittarius seeks fun, adventurous, and open-minded music. This fire sign loves dancing all night to high-energy music and listening to many types, including foreign music.


Saturn, the planet of ritual, rules Capricorn. However, many Capricorns enjoy relics. Caps like moody, edgy singers because they're deep feelers.


Aquarius likes rare and indie dance bootlegs. Uranus-ruled air signs like futuristic sound. If odd, electrical, and new, DM an Aquarius.


Pisces love music that removes them from daily life, from hypnotic ambient beats to heartfelt songs. Pisces love music—pop or 20-minute guitar solos.

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