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Devon-Rex Cats

A pixie cat, extraterrestrial cat, elf cat, and bat cat, the Devon Rex was accidentally discovered in 1960 in Devonshire, England. Dog-like behavior.

Abyssian Cats

Cat lovers enjoy stylish, easy-care Abys.wedge-shaped heads, half-cupped ears, medium-length bodies, and well-developed muscle. Long, slim legs and close-fitting coats.

Sphynx cats

Every 15 years, nature induces hairlessness genetically.
To generate a genetically healthy breed, the Sphynx has been mixed with normal shorthair cats and reverted to hairless. 

Scottish fold cats love people and other pets and are easygoing. This lively breed bonds with one family member.

Scottish Folds

Shorthair cats

Family favorite American shorthair. It's always one of the top 10 cat breeds. The breed is well-mannered and intelligent. 

Maine Cooncats

Maine Coons are tough and have shaggy coats. Male Maine Coons weigh 30 lbs., while females weigh less. By three to five, these gentle giants achieve full size. 

Persian Cats

Persian cats are the most popular and oldest breed. Hieroglyphics date them to 1684 B.C. The cats were called after their "country of origin"—Persia (now Iran). 

UK Shorthair

As one of the most popular cat breeds, it often appears in movies, TV, and novels.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls love their owners and sleep with them. This breed can learn retrieve, rolling over, and begging.

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