Most Passionate Zodiac Sign


Cancers care passionately. They're sensitive and have deep feelings, yet this water sign tends to hide in their shell. 


Taurus' passion is slow-burning, so be patient while they expose their wants.They are driven by pleasure and enthusiastic about nature. 


Sagittarians are devoted, adventurous, and outgoing. "Passionate debates of philosophy equally as well as sharing their thoughts on the latest Marvel movie."


Leo usually performs heartily. "Passionate displays of anger, sexuality, or just plain drama, are to be expected with this sign.


Scorpios are fierce and honest. Mars-ruled signs show their love more discreetly.

Loftis says, "whether it's money or pleasure." Scorpios will throw themselves into anything that interests them.


Mars-ruled Aries demands what it wants. As the zodiac's most passionate sign, the fire sign is fierce and fearless. 

"Whether their passion is directed in the devotion of a love relationship, a fierce game of volleyball,  disagreement with you," Loftis continues. 

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