Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign!

1) Leo
Leos think they're handsome, brilliant, and smarter than 99.9% of people.

2) Scorpio
Beware ScorpioIf you meet a Scorpio after a good day at work, you won't notice their wicked side.

3) Virgo
Virgo's cruel.Virgos often think they are flawless because they strive for perfection.

4) Cancer
Cancer uglinessCancerians may be vengeful while appearing lovely and harmless.

5) Taurus
Taurus always manipulates emotions.They're more than obstinate! Tauruses typically overestimate their powers.

6) Sagittarius
Avoid Sagittarius.Sagittarians are hidden narcissists. They are egotistical and constantly put themselves first.

their travels first. They appear calm, but crossing them unleashes their devil. 

When insulted, Sagittarius just wants to sabotage their adversary.

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