Most Insensitive Zodiac Sign

Some individuals talk without thinking. They may brag about their promotion to a buddy who was laid off or criticize a friend's hairdo when they obviously don't like it.

1 Capricorn
Distracted by sentiments, Capricorns can't succeed. Because Saturn rules structure and duty, they're overly serious and goal-oriented.

2 Gemini
"They are in their heads, always trying to keep busy," says Gemini.

3 Leo
Charming Leos are confident. They make friends easily and attract others. They're also known for insensitivity.

4 Aries
Aries is impetuous, impatient, and quick-tempered.

5 Sagittarius
Sagittarius won't allow anything stop their next trip. Astrologer Rebecca Schmidt, Trust the Effing Process,

6 Taurus
Taurus, the most realistic and grounded sign, is trustworthy. This earth sign is tenacious and will do things their way, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

They care about others and can read their feelings, although they may have trouble expressing this. "They may not always know how to express their emotions or provide.

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