Most Dramatic Zodiac Sign

Dramatic individuals exist. They'll cry over spilled milk or tantrum to get what they want. 

6 Libra
Libra strives to treat everyone equally. When life is balanced, they flourish.

5 Scorpio
Scorpio's inner circle shows all sides. Bennet says they present a "cool fa├žade" to the world.

4 Aquarius
 Aquarius are usually calm, but sometimes they snap. Schmidt thinks they may explode rapidly and be dramatic.

3 Cancer
Cancer resists change and insists on their way. 

2 Aries
Aries must rule. They're the zodiac's first sign and always want to lead.

1 Leo
Leo's dramatization is unmatched. They're overblown and adore attention.

When not in the spotlight, Bennet suggests keeping out of the crossfire. "They hate second place and are ungracious losers," she explains.

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