Most Disruptive Zodiac Friendships

You often can't connect with someone. No matter how polite you are, their traits disgust you and you can never get along with them. You may also have trouble maintaining relationships. 

It's true that zodiac signs affect our personalities, and certain sign couples are more prone to conflict than stability. 

Leo and Capricorn

Leo is a daredevil. Their bright personalities desire their friends and partners to admire them and their daring views. They want plaudits without work. 

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However, Capricorns are earth signs who want stability, predictability, and minimal fuss. They follow tradition and rarely take risks. Earth signs are stable.

Gemini Taurus

Taurus and Gemini friendships seldom persist because Geminis love change and adventure. Taureans are obstinate. They're loyal, which is wonderful.

Geminis' yearning for adventure will finally drag these two signs apart. Tauruses dislike change, yet they need it. Geminis also love trying new things. 

Libra and Scorpio

Libras and Scorpios are the best. Libras, air signs, adore people and are charming, graceful, and charismatic. Libras make everyone feel comfortable.

Scorpios get along with most signs, yet they're different. Scorpios regard Libras for their people abilities, yet a Scorpio-Libra friendship may not survive. 

Sagittarius Virgo

Sagittarius and Virgo are turbulent together. Virgos are meticulous. They're distrustful and irritated by others. Sagittarians adore freedom.

Virgos are indecisive and insecure like Pisces. They go beyond distrust. Because they don't trust easily, they're generally seen as judgemental.

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