Most Disruptive Zodiac Friendships

There are moments in life when you meet someone and can't get along with them, even when you attempt to be kind. 

Leo and Capricorn
Leo is a fiery adventurer. They want their friends and lovers to appreciate them and their crazy ideas because of their vivid personalities.

Gemini Taurus
Taurus and Gemini friendships seldom persist because Geminis love change and adventure.

Libra and Scorpio
Libras and Scorpios are the ultimate opposites. Libras, air signs, adore people and are charming, graceful, and charismatic.

Is it okay to end a casual relationship over text?

If the relationship is really informal, a simple text may end things while still giving the other person closure.

Sagittarius Virgo
Sagittarius and Virgo are turbulent together. Virgos are meticulous. They're distrustful and irritated by others. 

Sagittarians adore freedom. Their spontaneity is admirable—unless you're a Virgo—and they seldom fulfill deadlines. They seldom choose each other.

Sagittarius, though, is free. They don't think long enough to judge since they're spontaneous. They're not intentionally disrespectful. 

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