Most delicious American smoothies

Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie

This green smoothie recipe gets its healthy colour from nutrient-rich baby spinach and sweet flavour from ginger and peaches.

Pumpkin Smoothie

Blend together a frozen banana, some maple syrup, fresh ginger, ground cinnamon, and whole milk for a delicious snack.

Carrot Mango Smoothie

Mangoes, however, are a great source of vitamins and minerals and provide a touch of tropical sweetness that really sets off the other flavours in this smoothie.

Strawberry Slushie

We all know and adore the icy smoothness of a good strawberry slushie, and the trick to making one is to stop blending the mixture just short of that point.



Green Juice

Veggies like broccoli, cucumber, celery, and parsley may be juiced together in a juicer for a fast and easy method to receive your recommended daily allowance (or more) of vegetables.

Pom-Berry-Banana Smoothie

Meanwhile, the vitamin C content of this dish is enhanced by the addition of a whole orange (peeled and pith removed, of course).

Banana Blueberry Smoothie

Making this purple-hued, sweet-and-sour smoothie just requires three ingredients and five minutes. 



Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

Two tablespoons of light coconut milk give this pink smoothie a tropical flavour that is immediately apparent with the first taste. 

Hearty Fruit and Oat Smoothie

This smoothie is thick and good for your heart thanks to the half a cup of old-fashioned oats that have been stirred in.

Smoothie Parfait

Smoothie Parfait Packed with nutrients to keep you energised and ready for the day, this smoothie parfait recipe is one for the record books.

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