Most                            dangerous                       zodiacs

Everybody has flaws. Everyone expresses rage differently, which may be dangerous and terrible. 

Capricorns are well-equipped to perform horrible crimes like pick-pocketing or murder. They plot well yet are reckless and can be caught.

Leos commit crimes because of their mental illness and fury. They'll commit crimes for fame. Petty offenses are ignored; only cold-blooded murders are reported.

Scorpios envy those who take their spotlight. Under certain conditions, scorpions will sting. Their aggressiveness can easily persuade others to commit crimes.

Sagittarius might be tough about making money. They're great criminals who believe in taking others' riches to survive. Sagittarian offenders who fled jail are clever and intelligent.

Aquarians take retribution best. They manipulate and retaliate. They hack well too. They are more creative when hacking important sites. They can blackmail someone.

Drugs and bank robbery dominate Libran crime. They avoid crimes alone and seek companions. They feel most confident when associated with a criminal group.

Aries despise authority. They retaliate by stealing or killing. This sign is easily enraged.

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