Meowing After Paw Gets Stuck

A video of a cat getting her paw trapped in a drawer and her owner nearly not noticing went popular on social media, winning the hearts of people all over the world.

Cat owner Konkykong posted the video on TikTok in January, captioning it, "Watch as my cat struggles to get her paw out of the drawer as I film her thinking she's going to open it."

When the pet parent sees that her furry kid is in trouble, she immediately rushes to her aid.

The viewers see a sketch when the owner unlocks a desk drawer to rescue the cat; they recognise the character in the image as Pokemon's Umbreon.



"Thought I was catching a lovely video of her opening the drawer..." says the post's accompanying description. After that: "Actually, she couldn't get out of there.

Even though cats like hiding in drawers because they feel secure in confined quarters, Fetch by Web MD warns that drawers are really rather hazardous locations 

All drawers should be kept closed, and if you discover one open, you should make a loud noise to surprise the intruder.

Cabinets storing potentially dangerous chemicals should also be secured with childproof locks.



With over 5.4 million views and 880,000 likes so far, the video has swiftly become a favourite among animal-lovers on the internet.

You sketched Umbreon a bit too nicely, according to user iLLixer. And the birds were all like "THATS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED TO BE IN THERE."

Eleni titled her description of the sound made by opening the drawer with a cat's meow. Help the noise the cat made when you opened the drawer, Lovers said.

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