German Shepherds were shown to be the most loyal dog breeds.

57% of Brits think their pets are more devoted than their parents. 38% said they prefer spending time with their dog over their spouse because dogs are more affectionate.

Cockapoos (22%), Charles Cavalier Spaniels (22%), and Labradoodles (21%). These breeds are protective and create strong ties with their owners.

Labrador Retriever

"Great for families with young kids or other dogs, Labs get along with everyone and love their owners endlessly,"


Bulldogs are quiet and pleasant companions. Who doesn't adore that mushy face? Despite their 50-pound bulk, they are popular lap dogs!

German Shepherds

Original German shepherds were bred to be great work dogs for their owners. These smart, confident, and loyal pups are terrific family dogs (great with kids!).


Beagles are loyal, humorous, and expressive!


making pet lovers appreciate their dazzling eyes and expressive features. Pugs are little, friendly family dogs that may live anywhere with their people.

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