Loveliest Zodiac Sign

You know someone who loves to embrace. They'll show love and devotion via touch.

6 Leo
Leo loves attention. They appreciate tenderness and touchy-feely encounters.

5 Cancer
Cancer cares. They desire and need to help others.They like clich├ęd romance books.

4 Taurus
 Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus, making them romantic. They're sensual and romantic.

3 Libra
Libra needs love like breath.

2 Sagittarius
Sagittarius love to explore new things and have big personalities. 

 Dreaming Pisces are the most romantic sign since they're hopeless romantics, passionate, and empathetic.

Loftis thinks kids can imagine a full relationship if left alone for too long. "They'll write you poetry or love letters to show how much they care."

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