Long Distance Relationships End For 3 Zodiac Signs

One of the most intriguing aspects of the transit we will be experiencing today is that the Moon will conjoin Uranus, which is the kind of event that brings to light just how sensitive we can be and causes us to feel empathy in profound ways. We will face challenges and demonstrate our patience and resilience.

In the context of a romantic relationship, this implies that YOU, the one who is most impacted by Moon conjunct Uranus, will come to recognize that for all of your empathy. However, it can only persist for so long without signs of being matched.

Ironically, "the other end of the line" applies to long-distance relationships or any "romance" where neither party is actually present for the other. We who are affected, or the three zodiac signs indicated here today, will experience a "click" during the Moon's conjunction with Uranus. We are finished and the "meal" is over.

Your long-distance relationship has begun to lose steam, and the more steam it loses, the worse it becomes. This discovery might be painful, but you know it's true. You have observed that since your romantic partner is not physically present, all issues must be resolved and dealt with remotely.



Moon conjunct Uranus indicates that you have reached the end of your personal patience, which is why you may feel like you want it all to end.


There is so much that you were able to get out of this long-distance relationship of yours, and yet, with all you've felt, given, shared and received, you now recognize that something vital is missing, and that is obvious


The last thing you want is for them to not be present in person. You will reach your breaking point during the transit of the Moon conjunct Uranus, aware that you did your best but that no amount of tolerance or compassion will make a difference any longer.


The thing you liked best about your long-distance relationship was that you didn't always have to be in each other's faces, which produced an air of politeness. Since you didn't have to deal with each other's "ugly" reality, your phone-only relationship started to feel like a habit.

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