Know your zodiac dancing style.

By Dance fans have to choose from several genres worldwide. Thus, your zodiac sign determines your optimal dancing style.


This zodiac sign is active, brave, and passionate. Fire signs should dance salsa. This dancing style suits confident, bold Aries.


Taureans are loyal, obstinate, sensual, and beautiful. Pasodoble, a Spanish bullfight dance, is passionate and beautiful.


Geminis should dance Bollywood. It complements Geminis' lively personalities. Colorful clothing and loud music reflect a Gemini's youthfulness.


Cancerians are sentimental and conventional. This delicate water sign prefers waltz. Cancerians love the beautiful and elegant waltz.


Leos feel. They love drama. Leos, like tango, are dramatic and graceful.


Virgos are perfectionists. They're pragmatic. Virgos notice everything. Virgos excel in ballet.


Jazz makes Librans dance. Librans, known for their equilibrium, can learn this dance, which requires perfect technique and artistic appeal.


It's hard to characterize this zodiac sign. Scorpios should attempt street dance, or hip-hop, given their attitude.


Ambitious, optimistic, adaptable, philosophical, and creative, this zodiac sign. Contemporary dancing matches this zodiac sign. 


Capricorns should attempt Flamenco. Capricorns have the patience, passion, and attention needed to master Flamenco.


Aquarians, creative, bright, and humanitarian, enjoy to explore. Aquarians like Cha-cha because it's enjoyable and allows for experimentation.


Pisces, a creative, extroverted, and traditional zodiac sign, should dance ballroom. Pisceans love this elegant, fast-moving dance.

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