Know Your Lucky Color According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has a favorite hue, but things can get more intriguing if we are aware of our fortunate colors based on our zodiac sign.


Red represents vitality, movement, aggression, and purity, which is fortunate for Arian. Arian culture also associates luck with the colors white and yellow in addition to red.

Pink and white are the most successful colors for this sign. Tauruses are also said to find luck in the color green.


Light yellow and green are lucky hues for Gemini that might bring luck and success. Colors like pink and white are also lucky for them.



White, Grey, Silver, and Cream are delicate, caring, and responsive colors that go well with this zodiac sign. 


This astrological sign is associated with warm tones of Gold, royal Purple, and burnt Orange and has an impact on the upper back and heart system.

Virgo's governing planet is Mercury. Colors like blue, green, light yellow, and white are seen as auspicious hues for virgos.



White and light blue are thought to be auspicious hues for Librans. Any vibrant hue works well for a Libra.


The eighth sign of the zodiac is Scorpio, and Mars is its ruling planet. White, red, and chocolatey hues are the best colors for this sign.

Sagittarius' ruling planet is Jupiter. For Sagittarius, dark yellow and orange are lucky colors.


It is a moveable earth elemental sign. Saturn is Capricorn's ruling planet. Khaki, black, and purple are auspicious hues for Capricorns. Dark shades like brown and green might also be seen favorably.


According to astrology, light blue and purple are lucky hues for Aquarians. Colors like white and neon are also advantageous.


It is a fire sign with dual nature and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Colors like yellow and orange are regarded as lucky for Pisces.


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