Kitten's First Bath Reaction Is Adorable!

It doesn't bother her! Some pet stereotypes are truer than others. Cats hate water, but even true cliches have exceptions. Azia Lore is the kitten.

Azia's owner Ryan released the cutest (and most surprise) throwback video on their TikTok account, @ryan and azia. She's so quiet in the bath, even as a kitten!

Is it just us, or did this kitty seem to prefer water? It didn't appear to bother her! Given her feline pedigree,



It's surprising, but Ryan's gentleness and shallow water helped. @sw33tsp07 said, "Omg you're so gentle it's really cute."

Exactly! Even though Azia didn't detest water, that made her first bath a good one. Other cat owners envy you! The cat's bathtime conduct was lauded by several commenters

We agree with @Avenlot that "she's been a good girl from the beginning." Her bath went smoothly! How's her relationship with her dad? Precious!



@theislandboy843 wrote, "As a fellow cat dad, I've followed y'all forever." "It's wholesome. Thank you for sharing your passion and experience! Azia's great.

She's great! As seen in several of her TikTok videos, she's a sweet, quiet cat. Angel-like!

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