Kindest Zodiac Signs

You know those pure-hearted people? 6 zodiac signs are kindest. 


Pisces is caring and sympathetic. Call your Pisces when you need to rant.


Leo's heart is golden, despite their fierceness. Leo's tight group gets VIP treatment. Leo wants to help.


Your Cancer BFF taught you TLC. This water symbol always considers loved ones. For hunger, they'll provide refreshments.


Aquarius may not be ultra-affectionate, but they are altruistic. This intelligent air sign is more than just kind—they’re principled. 


Libras value empathy and manners. These courteous, adorable air signals make you feel comfortable, heard, and understood.


Taurus is pure-hearted and patient. Taurus' earthiness grounds their circle. Your Taurus friend's bear embrace seems to fix everything.

Taurus will make your favorite roast, bring you a glass of wine, and play the most soothing music after a hard day.

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