junk food's         dangers

Overeating junk food can lead to various health problems. Junk food slows metabolism, causes tooth decay, bloats you, and impairs attention.

Junk food spikes blood sugar, causing fatigue. That boosts and decreases energy. 

Junk food causes lethargy, poor focus, and drowsiness due to brain cell oxygen deficiency.

Additives, preservatives, and chemically processed spices in junk food might cause cancer and allergic responses.

Sugar is pure energy. Fruit, vegetable, dried fruit, and milk sugar is ideal. Reduce sugar, candy, chocolate, soft drinks, fruit juices, and biscuits.

 Pesticides and toxic substances grow coffee beans. Avoid coffee and chocolate. Caffeine causes headaches, depression, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and lethargy. 

Sugary and caffeinated soft drinks are unhealthy. Replace soda with herbal teas, lemon water, and water.

Saturated fat can cause obesity, high cholesterol, and other health issues. Saturated fat includes fried dishes, fatty meats, and ghee.

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