Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign

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The twelve astrological signs have distinct personalities. Which jewelry fits you best? Zodiac jewelry choices for each sign:

Aries requires bright jewelry. Red or orange statement necklaces work well. Long, dangly earrings like shoulder-drop or chandelier earrings suit Aries' energetic demeanor.


Taurus is earthy. Taurus needs earthy jewelry. Wood, leather, and stone are good.


Geminis are quick-witted, intellectually inquisitive, and fun air signs. Key is jewelry that expresses these diverse personality qualities; 


Cancers need emotional jewelry. Cancers love lockets, family heirlooms, and antique jewelry. 

Leos like flamboyant, dazzling jewelry. This sign suits huge hoop earrings and thick cuff bracelets. Sun-ruled Leos crave the spotlight.


Virgos are detail-oriented and practical, so elegant, utilitarian jewelry is ideal for them. Virgo's modest style suits silver or gold necklaces. 

Libra: 23–22 OctobeLibra requires harmonized, beautiful jewelry. Libras should wear beautiful, symmetrical jewelry like hoop earrings or stacked necklaces. 

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