jewelry by zodiac


Aries, the ambitious ram, is most potent in signet ring and pendant form. Modern interpretations include constellation earrings, nameplate necklaces, and humorous pendants.


Tauruses are reliable and hardworking. Diamond-studded necklaces, tiny rings, and antique charms are perfect for such traits.


Twins symbolize Gemini, an educated, versatile, and outgoing sign. Minimal stud earrings and pendants are as lovely as embossed rings and diamond-accented charms.


Cancerians are loyal friends and partners. Whether for oneself or a friend, a lost-wax cast ring, diamond necklace, cameo charm, or linked bracelet is appreciated.


Leos are confident, motivated, and natural leaders. Lion signet rings, logo necklaces, and diamond studs highlight the fiery fire sign.


Signet rings and charms with Virgo's maiden zodiac symbol express the star sign's practical, gentle, and humble personality. Stud earrings or abstract pendant necklaces are simpler.


Scales represent Libras' balance, harmony, and tranquility. Diamond necklaces, linked rings, and luxury charms highlight such features.


A gemstone-accented necklace, bulky signet ring, diamond bracelet, or dangling earrings suit the tenacious, devoted, and ambitious Scorpio.


Sagittarians, known for their humor, vigor, and spontaneity, are most likely to impulse buy a zodiac archer necklace, constellation necklace, or diamond-encrusted medallion charm bracelet.


Try a talismanic sea-goat pendant, Keishi pearl ring with the zodiac symbol, made-to-layer word necklace, or constellation earring to show Capricorn's desire, discipline, and talent.


Aquarius zodiac jewelry features constellations, etched iconography, and tarot card-inspired designs.


Kindness, originality, and emotional sensitivity characterize pieces. Fish, which represent the sign, are fun, while the zodiac symbol is sleek in stud, bracelet, and earring form.

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