Internet Loves German Shepard

An astute German shepherd's demonstration of door-opening prowess in a popular TikTok film has won the hearts of internet users everywhere.

The social media image shows the dog easily unlocking the stair gate his owners had put by raising the handle with his nose and pushing.

The German shepherd casually ascends the steps after he has successfully passed past the gate.



Brenna, the dog's owner, narrated the TikTok video as she thought she was "outsmarting" her dog by putting up a fence to keep him downstairs.

Brenna, who posts as @WiscoWatson on Twitter, the dog's owner, uploaded the amusing clip on February 1.

More than 770,000 people have seen the video since it was released online, and it has received more than 78,000 likes from satisfied viewers. 

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Despite Brenna's claim on her profile that she was born and raised in Wisconsin, she and her family now seem to be residing in the Denver, Colorado area.

The owner of a German Shepherd may have the sneaking impression that their pet is wiser than they are.



Several of these dogs have a reputation for being very smart and can pick up new commands with relatively little practise.

This is a breed that thrives in dynamic and busy homes, since its members enjoy participating in a variety of pursuits.

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