India's Top Zodiac Destinations

Vacation destination undecided? The Himalayas, Kerala's backwaters, and the Northeast's unknown terrain await in this beautiful nation.


This sun sign is bold and lively. Aries should tour Leh-Ladakh and Roopkund. Ladakh and the Roopkund trek will satiate their desire!


Taureans love sensory delights like good food, refreshing drinks, and gorgeous views. Goa and Kerala are best for this sign. 


Explorative Geminis should visit Meghalaya. Geminis can find their wanderlust here. They should visit Udaipur because they like family holidays and rich culture.


Cancerians love art, ocean, and beaches. This sign suits Port Blair and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Here


Leos love art and historic buildings. Leos must tour Hampi and Khajuraho.


Virgos are innately intelligent and travel-savvy. They like Jaipur because they're detail-oriented. Pushkar, with its intricate shrines, is another great spot for Virgos.


Librans love adventure. They can relax and have fun in Munnar. Librans can enjoy this lovely spot.


Scorpios elude. This water sign enjoys peaceful vacations and water sports. These make Jodhpur a great holiday site. Kodaikanal relaxes scorpions.


Sagittarians are energetic and daring. Adventurers born under this sign can visit Shillong. They can also visit Sikkim's stunning capital.


Cultured Capricorns move. Every 10th-sign Zodiac person should visit Agra. Mughal splendor will stun Capricorns. Lonavala has beautiful lakes and hills.


Aquarian holidays combine fun and rest. Kerala is ideal for vacations. Aquarians can vacation in Ayurvedic spas, backwaters, or beaches.


Pisceans are thinkers and artists who like to holiday in peaceful places. This water sign can relax in Lakshadweep's seas and fuel their imaginations.

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