Husky's Bold Refusal to Hug Dad

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Meeka is typical of the hysteria that follows huskies about like a cloud of vultures.

Her latest TikTok video went viral thanks in large part to her sassy personality and impressive vocal range, but what really had people laughing was her intransigent, Siberian Husky-like stubbornness.

We find ourselves chuckling with every single one of her posts on @meekathehusky, but this one in particular is worth following. She obviously dislikes her father's embraces.



LMAO! The only thing Meeka is sure of right now is that she does not want. Her intransigence may provide some amusement for her loved ones, however.

"She raises some really solid concerns," bellablahblah said in the comments. Sure enough, she does. 

Why should she force herself to give a hug if she's not in the mood to? Hugs aren't crucial to humanity's continued existence on Earth or anything.



This species like to do things their own way, but we can guarantee that they'll all be craving a cuddle at some point. At some time, Meeka will need to give her dad a hug.

Despite her reservations, we have faith that they may come to an understanding. Our only regret is that we didn't get to observe her temper outburst before the negotiations started! 

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