Human-Loving Wild Animals


Smart, lively, and gregarious dolphins. Hand signals may teach dolphins to dive, skate backwards, and do other acrobatics.


Horses may befriend people. Horses perceive emotions without thinking, unlike humans. Trained horses can learn human language. They correlate attention and emotion with favorable 


Australian and New Zealand wallabies are little kangaroo-like animals. They can jump and bounce high on their muscular hind legs. Friendly wallabies exist.


Alpacas also like people. Alpacas don't appreciate being petted, although they can learn and follow humans  Alpacas wrap their necks around and tenderly caress their human pals.


Elisabeth Van Every of Pet Partners tells Bustle that little pigs are designed to be buddies. They're smart, gregarious, and adaptive like other therapy animals.


Rats like humans. "Domestic rats are extremely social and very intelligent,"  a desire to interact with others, which they are willing to extend to humans."


Having loving guinea pigs is wonderful. As "prey rodents," they flee and hide, not play and cuddle. 


Loveable birds are scarce. They're foolish, neurotic, and unloyal pets. This bird needs human affection.

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