While there is no right or wrong method to make a smoothie, here are some suggestions for creating a nutritious drink with a variety of ingredients.

Choose a liquid base.

For a smoothie that is especially creamy, choose coconut water, filtered water, or any dairy-free milk (like oat milk, almond milk, hemp milk, or cashew milk). Fruit drinks should generally be avoided because they contain extra sugar.

Start with frozen fruits.

The finest fruit to use for your smoothie is frozen fruit to keep it creamy and chilled. You can either chop and freeze fresh produce or use frozen bags from the shop.

Add vegetables for a dose of greens.

Greens can be snuck in easily by eating fresh verdant vegetables like spinach or kale. But you can also include frozen zoodles or frozen florets to these low-sugar smoothies to add more nutrition and fiber.

Consider adding healthy fats.

All those fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients from your fruits and veggies will be easier to absorb with the aid of healthy fats!

Consider adding healthy fats.

A slice of avocado, a drizzle of coconut oil, a dollop of almond butter, or a range of seeds like chia seeds or flax seeds will do.

Superfood & protein add-ins are a plus.

Use the most straightforward ingredients to give your smoothie an additional boost. These may include superfoods like maca powder or goji berries as well as seasonings like cinnamon or turmeric.

Superfood & protein add-ins are a plus.

Check out my article on how to make the healthiest green smoothie for more superfood choices.

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