how to get a woman's attention depending on her zodiac sign

How to attract an Aries Mars woman

A Mars in Aries woman is instantly turned off by weak, wishy-washy behavior. But don't be rude or disrespectful. She won't tolerate that either.

How to attract a Taurus Mars woman

Women who are ruled by Mars in Taurus prefer silent but strong males. They expect you to act sensually around them. They also value money stability highly.

How to attract a Gemini Mars woman

Regardless of your physical appearance, a woman with her Mars in Gemini will find you the most alluring individual ever if you can capture her attention mentally. 

How to attract a Cancer Mars woman

A Cancer Mars woman is deeply devoted to her family and will pay careful attention to your interactions with her parents, siblings, other relatives, and even her pets.

For a Mars in Virgo lady, manners, intelligent conversation, and a laid-back demeanor are most appealing. She will be instantly turned off by crudeness.

How to attract a Virgo Mars woman

How to attract a Leo Mars woman

A Leo Mars lady will avoid ambivalent individuals and those who don't pay close attention to her when she is speaking. So avoid using your phone as a distraction when she is around.

Impress this woman with your understanding of the world, particularly art and high society, to win her over. Although she doesn't show it, she has ambition, and she desires a partner who shares that ambition.

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How to attract a Libra Mars woman

How to attract a Scorpio Mars woman

Her dream partner resembles the heroes of werewolf/vampire romances. But if you don't handle her equally, she'll lose interest in you right away.

How to attract a Sagittarius Mars woman

Showing this woman a good time is the best method to get her attention. A Sagittarius Mars lady can be won over with honesty, friendship, fun, and the possibility of adventure.

How to attract a Capricorn Mars woman

A Capricorn Mars lady values having a romantic relationship that doesn't hinder her from achieving her goals.

How to attract an Aquarius Mars woman

The likelihood that an Aquarius Mars woman will find unusual individuals attractive is highest. Anything but dull, uninteresting, and predictable

How to attract a Pisces Mars woman

Tell a tale to entice a Mars in Pisces woman. Show her, through brief exchanges and social media posts, that you have a rich personal narrative for her to discover. 

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