Honor Your Zodiac Hindu God

God is one but shows many ways in Hindu Vedic philosophy. God manifests for a reason. Hindu texts name 33 crore Indian gods. Spirits are venerated.


Mangal is Aries' Swami Graha or Highest Planet. Thus, Surya Dev, the Aries sign Sun, is the best. Surya Dev must be worshipped daily to improve our lives.


Venus (Shukra) is Taurus' Guru Graha. Moon or Chandra Dev are the most potent or uchcha on Vrisha. In Taurus, the Moon creates mental balance.


Air-changeable Gemini is strong. Mercury rules Gemini. Rahu rates Gemini higher than Ketu.


Cancer represents tenderness. Cancerians should recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily for bravery. Krishna and Saraswati bring luck, riches, and creativity to Cancerians.


Sun rules this fire-fixed, manly sign. Sunlight may influence Leo's zodiac signs. Leos prefer Shiva. He is the best God at connecting to fire powers due to his Linga energy.


Earthy, feminine Virgo is mutable. Mercury-ruled Virgos revere Narayan. Virgos love Narayan and are good at protecting the earth and its people.


Venus rules Cardinal Air. Libras worship Maa Parvati and Mother Lakshmi. Libras are connected to Mahalakshmi and must revere her for her creativity.


Mars dominates Scorpion stars. Scorpions worship Ganesha and Hanuman on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lord Hanuman's light can rescue the Zodiac's wet signs.


Jupiter rules male Fire. Hardship teaches Capricorn. Sagittarius locals should worship Vishnu for success, fame, wealth, social rank, material abundance, and power.


Mars dominates Capricorn, Saturn rules Rashi, and Shani rules them. Capricorns benefit from Maa Saraswati worship. Keep classic peacock plumes.


Saturn rules this sign. Aquariuses should revere Shani Dev and Ganesha. For luck, health, money, and success, feed stray animals, birds, and calves on Saturday.


Jupiter rules Pisces, and Venus-Pisces is revered in this Region. Durga, Radhika, and Sita have the same power or energy, allowing them to grow and develop equally.

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