Here's Your Zodiac Sign's Shoe Type.

Astrology and solar sign affect your style and footwear. Unknown until now. We've listed zodiac-related footwear for females.

Zodiac signs might help females choose sandals. See which one to wear.

ARIES: Being stylish, even basic pairs may complement family and work gatherings. Bold, strong people like you need red. Mars—your ruler—likes crimson heels or glam boots.

Taureans  style must be 'great' despite its subtlety. You prefer simplicity. Quality is key to attracting attention. Thus, you wear high-end leather stilettos or flip-flops.

GEMINI: You ladies are energetic, bright, casual flats, bellies, beach sandals, heels, and athletic floaters. Comfort trumps brand. You're carefree. Fun in orange, yellow, and bright.

Colors bother Cancerians. Thus, over-the-knee black boots, feminine pumps, and leather soles comfort. Cancer's delicate colors—silver, grey, pearl white, and cream—resemble the Moon's.

Leo women. You wear gold, orange, and yellow patterns. Show fascinating couples.Golden sky-high heels, black sandals, or crimson ballerinas will illuminate the streets.

VIRGO: Perfectionists like you value comfort . Lace-ups, peep-toes, and ankle boots decorate shelves. Comfort discourages exploration. You're rigid. Usually black-and-white.

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