Heartbreak-prone Zodiac Signs

Heartbreak-prone Zodiac Signs

Your date's zodiac sign can reveal their relationship style.
Some folks will warn you not to date a certain sign.

Zodiac Readings Provide Love Advice

Tauruses vary. Humans and zodiac signs vary.Predicting requires reading celestial motions and zodiac sign reactions.

Geminis Break Hearts

Geminis are noted for their direct, sometimes icy, manner. Though unintentional, Gemini can be impulsive and unstable in partnerships.

Sagittarius Loves But Breaks Hearts

The zodiac's best mates are Sagittarius. In the boudoir, they're ardent and fiery.

Libra's Unexpected Heartbreak

Libra breaks hearts unexpectedly. Their romantic and dramatic nature actually causes them to break hearts.

Aquarius Love Is Private.

Due to their aloofness in love, Aquarius is another sorrow sign.

Scorpios Get Bad Dating Reputation

Heartbreak discussions often center on Scorpio lovers. Are they vicious or loyal?

Compatibility Is Key When Dating Zodiac Signs

When it comes down to it, the individual you are courting is the single most important factor in determining whether or not you will suffer a broken heart.

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