Heartbreak-prone Zodiac Signs

Your date's zodiac sign might reveal their relationship style.Some people say you shouldn't date a specific sign, but it's more about compatibility and striking the correct balance.

Zodiac Readings Provide Love Advice

You may like one Taurus but hate another. People and zodiac signs are not one-size-fits-all.

Certain Signs Are More Jealous Or Angry.

Even if you haven't been hooking up for that long, it's important meeting in person if you decide to call it quits.

Heartbreaker Geminis

Geminis' directness might be off-putting. Gemini may be impetuous and unpredictable in relationships, though not intentionally.

Geminis Think Worst-Case.

Gemini's irrationality might wreak havoc in their love lives.

Witty, Confident Enough to Lie

Gemini may flirt and lie. They're hard to trust if you have trust concerns.

Twin Energy Geminis

Because of their witty sense of humor and loyalty, Geminis are worth keeping.

Sagittarius Loves But Breaks Hearts

Sagittarius love finest. They are passionate and ferocious in bed.

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