health benefits of Green tea 

Healthy bioactive chemicals

Polyphenols in tea reduce inflammation and combat cancer.

May boost brainpower

Green tea contains brain-boosting compounds other than caffeine. L-theanine can also pass the blood-brain barrier. 

burns fat

Green tea boosts metabolism and fat burning, according to study.

Antioxidants may reduce cancer risk.

Antioxidant-rich green tea.
Green tea components minimize cancer risk.

May prevent brain aging.

Green tea bioactives protect the brain. Dementia, a frequent neurological illness in elderly persons, may be reduced by them.

Bad breath reduction

Green tea catechins may reduce foul breath by inhibiting oral germs.

may prevent type 2 diabetes

Green tea may lower blood sugar somewhat in controlled trials. It may also prevent type 2 diabetes.

Heart disease prevention

Green tea may decrease cholesterol . Green tea reduces cardiovascular disease risk, according to research.

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