Gems by Zodiac Sign

Garnet - Aquarius

Free-thinking, creative Aquarians demand world transformation. Emotions overwhelm them.  Aquarians are trustworthy and kind. Garnet calms connections.

Pisces: Amethyst

Amethyst aids energy-absorbing Pisces. The stone suppresses negative vibrations. It relaxes creative, sensitive individuals. "Nature's tranquilizer" amethyst.

Aries: Bloodstone/Diamond

Aries are driven and fearless. This sign's people are strong-minded and passionate leaders. This sign's bloodstone boosts energy and self-confidence.

Agate calms hyperactive Geminis. Agate's flexibility can increase courage and stave off fatigue for this sign. 

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Cancer: Emerald

Cancerians perceive energy. They are creative and secretive, hiding behind extraordinary identities. Sensitive too.

Onyx - Leo

Lions represent Leo. Passionate Leos wear onyx. Onyx sparks their inventiveness. Onyx gemstones expand their minds. Loyalty and affection. 

Virgo: Carnelian

Virgos are meticulous. They examine everything. Wear carnelian. This gem assists worry-prone Virgos. 

Peridot for Libra

Libras are artistic. They like peridot for its symmetry and design. They are kind, sociable, and balanced. Peridot empowers with ideals.

Scorpio: Beryl

Scorpios understand people. They anticipate others' zeal and conviction. Beryl—emerald and aquamarine—is this sign's gemstone. These gems inspire Scorpios. 

Sagittarius: Topaz

Sagittarians are creative. They love adventure and will try everything. They're nice and loving. 

Capricorn: Ruby

Capricorns persevere. Confidence, courage, and joy may help Ruby overcome negativity. Ruby's ruby color evokes love. Ruby energizes Capricorn, the toughest worker. 

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