They steal food and break into homes, making them villains. Mice are wild creatures with some surprising traits.

Miceā€”Pets or Pests?

Mice were pests that ate and ruined dwellings. Domestic mice are pleasant and loyal, while wild mice cause havoc.They are intelligence, social, and adaptable

A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a pencil eraser.

Mice can squeeze through 6 mm openings!
Like other animals, its skull is their biggest and most rigid part.

More than one hundred mice can be born from a single mouse in a single year.

Mice have 32-56 pups a year, although they might have over 100. Social animals, they multiply swiftly in protected places.

Mice Can Hear Ultrasounds

Mice Grow Teeth DailyRodents like mice have ever-growing teeth. Mouse teeth develop 0.03 cm day.

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