Fruits   that Harm Dogs?


Persin in this fruit makes dogs vomit and suffer diarrhea.


Cherry pits have cyanide. Chewing the seed releases cyanide, which might injure your dog. Swallowing one whole is typically harmless.


Grapes can induce abrupt renal failure in dogs. Avoid raisins as well.


Dogs are poisoned by solanine in tomato greens.

Curious dogs. They sneak unhealthy foods. Don't wait for signs if you think your dog ate anything harmful. Call your vet.

Some symptoms take days to appear. Your veterinarian will advise you whether to come in or wait for symptoms when you call.

Toxic-eating dogs may exhibit:
Constipation    Diarrhea   Lethargy          Standing   slumped.  Twitching   Vomiting

Take toxic-food-eating dogs to the vet immediately for the best chance of recovery.

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