Friends' Zodiac Signs

Friends' distinctive ensemble of six characters contributed to its massive popularity. The six gang members have individual personalities and develop and evolve, which fans love or despise.

Sagittarius Richard BurkeWith

 Taurus and Capricorn inclinations, Richard is hard to classify. Richard just fits his star sign;

Gunther [Central Perk] (Scorpio)

Gunther's second name is never given, with Central Perk being the best candidate. Thus, Gunther's star sign and birthday are unclear.

Janice Litman-Goralnik (Sagittarius)

Janice's birthdate, December 12, is listed on Friends' wiki page. 


Mike Hannigan, one of Friends' finest side characters and Phoebe's future spouse, never revealed his birthdate.

Phoebe Buffy (Aquarius)

Phoebe told Frank Jr. her birthday is February 16. Later, she celebrates her birthday early on October 31st, putting it in November.

Joey Tribianni (Capricorn)

Joey's embarrassing birthday is never referenced in the show's 10 seasons.

Monica Geller (Aries/Virgo)

Monica also never mentions her birthday. However, "The One With The Ick Factor" maintains it was a month ago.

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