Foods to Avoid for Your Stomach


At one, stop. A doughnut with glaze has 260 calories. There are 3,120 calories in the entire box. To burn that off, a 200-pound man would need to run around 25 kilometers.

Ice Cream

Ice cream does include some calcium. However, there are 230 calories in a half-cup of plain vanilla without any toppings.


15 chips contain 160 calories per serving. However, who ends at 15? Just 2 tablespoons of French onion dip increases the calorie and fat content by 60.


This cocktail is both stylish and fattening. It is Scotch or vodka that has been mixed with bacon fat. It is occasionally served with a strip of bacon. There are more calories in a glass—roughly 284—than in a doughnut.


A 12-ounce can of beer typically contains 150 calories. These calories add up, just like any other food or beverage you consume.

Hot Dogs

What could be more all-American than supporting your hometown team and enjoying a hot dog? The calories increase when you add extras. 8 grams of "bad" fat and 390 calories make up one cheese dog.

Fatty Red Meat

If you prefer meat and potatoes, a large, juicy steak that fills your plate would be perfect. However, a 16-ounce serving of prime rib may have around 1,600 calories and 60 grams of "bad" fat.

Meat-Topped Pizza

Pizza can be nutritious. However, if you enjoy toppings like pepperoni, sausage, ham, and sirloin, one slice of pizza may have more than 300 calories.

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