Based on your zodiac sign, discover your drinking style.

Most rarely drink. High alters. After drinking, your quietest buddy may sway on the table or cry on your shoulder in McDonald's.


Aries, the first zodiac sign, naturally leads. They are driven, goal-oriented, and glad to lead. Alcohol enhances these traits!


Venus rules Taurus, who prize ease and grace. Don't expect messy drunkenness! They know what they want to drink and are highly sensitized.

After a few drinks of wine, Geminis become even more talkative and gossipy. Intoxication increases their drive to communicate and join.



Moon-ruled Cancers change frequently. Since their tastes vary throughout the evening, they don't usually keep to one drink. The worst hangovers result.


Leos are socialites. Sun-ruled, they love to shine. When drunk, their competitiveness can be risky.

Virgos are methodical, orderly, and analytical. When they get drunk, they may spew tea.



Libras are sociable and loving. Libra, like Taurus, loves luxury because Venus rules them. They buy the most expensive drinks, so their bar tabs are high.


Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio, which symbolizes desire. Planets represent force, energy, and war. Interesting night out mix... Scorpios love imbibing.

Sagittarians are great party guests. They're daring, joyful, and intelligent.



Capricorns prize efficiency and work hard. They're risk-averse, so when they drink, they don't overdo it.


Aquarius is a smart thinker with new ideas and topics. Curiosity makes them try new drinks!

Pisces are sensitive daydreamers. Especially when drunk, their vivid thoughts can lead to false tales that hurt them.


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