Fashionable Zodiac Signs

Those fashionistas who appear born? They have great taste and can put together a great ensemble without thinking. Clothes taste is personal.

Leos Rule Fashion!

Leos lead, not follow. This sun sign's clothing are always on fire with the latest trends and designs, making them the most stylish. 

Libras Are Natural Fashion Icons

Libras like Kim Kardashian, Ralph Lauren, and Donna Karan make sense. Libras, ruled by Venus, are second in fashion after Leo.

Taurus Loves Shopping High-End Brands

Materialistic Taurus. They buy high-quality things and dress well because they invest in themselves. Venus-ruled signs enjoy wealth.

Aquarius Buys Fashion Statements

Fashion-forward Aquarius. Astrologer Charlotte Kirsten told Best Life that Aquarius may wear "loud neons, demure pastels, and everything in between."

Capricorns Always Look Nice

Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and other Capricorns are fashion icons. Think tailored suits, elegant dresses, and anything that conveys maturity and control.

Aries Wears Bold Outfits.

Fire sign Aries is expected. This zodiac sign is bold in fashion. While this is commendable, other trends—shoulder pads—are best left in the closet.

Virgos Fear Fashion Risks

Traditional Virgos appreciate clean dresses and tailored blazers. Unlike Capricorns, who usually appear polished in traditional clothing, Virgos lack fashion sense.

Sagittarians have flashy closets.

Everyone likes a sparkling dancing dress, but it may be too much for daily usage. Jupiter's emblem is timeless. Initially, they'll wear neon green or orange.

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