Zodiac Signs

Cancer supports you completely. Cancer exemplifies the loyalty of water signs. They're too compassionate to cheat or betray! This sign advises friends and relatives. Emotionally supportive.

Taurus trusts. Taurus seeks relationship stability, so they're forthright. Their goal is loyalty. To win Taurus's love, commit.

Leo leads with loyalty. As pack leaders, Leos value friendships and relationships. Leo leads because his pals know he'll aid them. A win-win!

Loyalty and stability satisfy Capricorn. Capricorns are lifelong friends. They take time to warm up to new connections and relationships, but once they do, they're in for life. 

Scorpio is obsessively loyal. Scorpios are cryptic and secretive, yet once they love you or become your greatest friend, they're dedicated for life!

Reliable Virgo. Virgos honor their promises. Virgos are faithful but not as impulsive as other zodiac signs. Virgo will help with anything.

Pisces are unreliable. Though well-intentioned, this water sign daydreams all day, making them unpredictable. You'll receive everything if you catch their attention. 

Libra loves faithfully but unreliably. Libras are kind, outgoing, and loyal. Libras want out of relationships yet want in while single.

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