Every zodiac sign's worst behaviors

Despite the debate about zodiac signs, many people have certain hang-ups that lead to strikingly similar—almost predictable—behavior.

Fire signs

Bold, adventurous, and brazen, fire signs know how to spice things up, but they can burn too brightly and have scorching tempers.


Swearing bothers Aries because they want to emphasize. They may behave rashly to make their point.


Leos dread change and persist with unsatisfactory professions or relationships. They also overshare online to "be real."


Sagittariuses work hard, yet they can overwork. They may sometimes rush into tasks without a strategy, causing additional work for themselves.

Air signs

Air signs are intelligent, curious, and gregarious, but they may be hard to connect with.


Geminis gossip, which improves their narrative but hurts their social lives. Their phone addiction harms their health and relationships.


Libras love to please, yet their need to impress may lead to harmful behaviors. This generally involves name-dropping, boasting, and overspending.

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