Every State's Finest Burrito

Georgia: El Tesoro, Atlanta

Those who like coffee, rejoice! You can drink coffee and eat a burrito at the same time. But not necessarily at the same time.

Hawaii: Kenji Burger, Kauai

Most likely, Kenji Burger is the only place where you can eat what is basically a big sushi roll and then a five-star milkshake.

Idaho: Bandido’s Mexican Grill, Nampa

Idaho isn't exactly known for its Mexican food, but this family-owned restaurant has the best burritos in the state.



Illinois: Gorditas La Tia Susy, Chicago

Gorditas The homemade gorditas at La Tia Susy are their specialty, but everything on the menu is good. 

Indiana: Ricky's Taqueria, Elkhart

It's often compared to the fresh Mexican food you can get in Los Angeles, which means it's the real deal.

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Iowa: La Regia Taqueria, Iowa City

Iowa isn't known for Mexican food any more than Indiana is.

Kansas: El Gordo Mexican, Wichita

El Gordo Mexican calls itself a fast-food place, and it does look like one. But it doesn't taste like it should. 



Alabama: Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck, Birmingham

It's all about tacos, tortas, quesadillas, and, you guessed it, amazing burritos.

Alaska: Bear Tooth Theatre Pub, Anchorage

It's a popular Alaskan classic that combines the fun of going to the movies with the buzz of a pub and has a lot of burrito options that all get great reviews.

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