Every Sign's Best Astrology Tattoos

Zodiac Aries

"Constellations and planets are trendy astrological tattoo designs,"  Aries' larger stars bring playfulness and individuality.

Geometric Aries

"Geometric shapes are still popular because more people are becoming aware of their meaning to the universe and how life is patterned here on Earth," 

Aries Sign

If you want a simple Aries tattoo that doesn't overwhelm you, attempt the basic symbol. Thin lines and finger placement make this tattoo delicate and lovely.


Why not tattoo a taurus bull? The bull's face is half-shaded in this ink. This design is intricate but simple due to the realistic facial shape.

Snake Gemini

Twins, or any pair or figure with two identical components, represent Gemini. "If your tattoo isn’t painfully obvious on what it is, it’s also a great conversation starter."

Cancer Sign

This Cancer tattoo features the moon and star. Tapering lines make the design light.

Cancer Crab

Crab tattoos may be customized. The animal is drawn in beautiful line art. Go big. "Bigger animal symbols register easier," 

Leo, the Lion  Geometry

Lions are proud jungle lords. Lion's geometric line art overlaps. The tattoo seems gunless. The dots enhance the aggressive edges.

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Virgo Sign

This Virgo tattoo is suitable for a larger zodiac symbol. Flower dominates design. The emphasis region is highlighted by the Virgo sign.

Scale Libra

Libra's scale represents equilibrium. Its exquisite curves make this scale tattoo. Dotted shading creates clean tattoos.

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