Dressing by zodiac sign

Your birth chart may reveal your personality and help you dress for your sign. 


Your sun sign represents your actual self.Your zodiac sign affects your wardrobe style.

Rising Sign

Your rising sign is usually in the first house of your natal chart.Astrology's 1st House governs your image, brand, and public persona.

Venus Sign

Venus represents love, beauty, and money in mythology and astrology.Venus in your birth chart indicates your clothing and beauty priorities. 

Klarna Queen? Your 8th House may reveal interesting buying habits!Need more sign-appropriate outfit ideas?

These houses relate to your money and possessions (2nd House) and also other people’s money (8th House).

These houses pertain to your money and belongings (2nd House) and others' (8th House).These residences show how much you value shopping.

Venus in the 8th House may allow you to get into debt for shopping. 

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