Decorate a            Bookshelf

AQUARIUS: Keep Your Bookshelf Neat

You like being outside, visiting a new restaurant,  Basically, everything besides decorating bookshelves. Put them away neatly.

PISCES: Art Gallery Feel

Dammit, you're the zodiac's best artist. Fill your bookshelves with art and sculpture for daily inspiration.

ARIES: Utilize Your Bookshelf

The zodiac's most hardworking sign never trusts. You're also versatile in styling—think bookcase meets minibar or music station.

TAURUS: Go Monochromatic.

Venus-ruled earth signs like beauty and natural colors.  Flip book spines or wear uniform book covers for visual harmony.

Gemini: Read Lady-Chic

Your air sign energy makes you start books but not complete them. Display your varied interests on a shelf. Baby, more's better.

CANCER: Photo Gallery

Friends and family are always first. Choose basic, homey shelf layout and a 50/50 photos-to-books ratio.

LEO: Decorate Your Bookshelf with Wallpaper

Your house and you like the spotlight. Make your shelves photo-ready with glittery wallpaper and lights. When Vogue shoots your profile.

VIRGO: Uber-Minimalist

Virgos. Ruthless decluttering, plenty of white space, and a dedication to inspiring books will help your perfectionist inclinations and productivity.

LIBRA: Color-Organize

Your ruler, Venus, has designed you to seek balance and beauty, thus rainbows and brilliant colors attract you. Group books by spine color for visual harmony.

Scorpio: Secure Your Possessions

As a mysterious woman, you wouldn't want all your books on show. Hide your personal books from prying eyes.

Sagittarius: Enjoy Your Curiosities

You prefer to travel light yet gather trinkets and talismans. Showcase your favorite books and worldly treasures on shelves.

Capricorn: Sort Books Alphabetically

Zodiac scholars require academic organization: How else can a self-respecting type-A locate her Faulkners when she needs them

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