Deaf Rescue Dog Reacts Well 

Living apart from a closest friend is difficult for both sides. Everyone who can relate is excited to spend time with their closest friends again. One dog had a lovely reunion. posted a video of his deaf rescue dog Poundcake on Instagram. Poundcake's dad reveals that his pup's closest buddy, Dunkin, left away six months ago.

Beautiful! Poundcake couldn't believe it was Dunkin until they drew closer. After realising, the two ran, jumped, and played to make up for lost time. Great birthday surprise!



This touching video moved viewers. Viewer @patcharleb remarked, "I'm crying. The kindest thing you did for Poundcake. 

Happy for him." @bluewater059 added, "Tears. Love this video." Poundcake's excitement touched everyone.

Others hoped people would see how essential animal relationships are. @tinyrebel wrote, "Dogs need each other. They also need us. We cannot satisfy them. 



Wonderful friendship and affection!" "It is awful to watch an animal stranded without its friend," remarked @dwantheatl. Poundcake should hit Dunkin soon!

We're sad these two puppies no longer live together, but Dunkin's visit for Poundcake's birthday was great! Everyone, people and pets, wants a relationship like this.

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