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Leos need attention and can cause difficulties for themselves and others if neglected. They're adorable. However, Leo may use this inclination to get their task done smartly.

Virgo is judgmental and rude. These lovers are dangerous and possessive. If someone steals their belongings, they get envious. They may hurt you.

Dramatic Virgos demand their way. If things don't go their way, they'll try to complicate matters.

Libra craves new experiences—good or bad. Active people will challenge you. They'll scold you. They are selfish and want everyone to do well.

Libras quietly prepare things. They also prioritize big vision over minor details. However, they prefer to make people happy and will sometimes compromise their ideals.

Scorpio, your darkness may be toxic. Poisoned Darts can kill. Crafty people strike at the perfect time. If they hear movement, they'll attack. After debating, they won't listen.

Sagittarius may be obnoxious. However, these folks are honest and will speak out rather than backbite. They are also self-righteous "know-it-alls."

Capricorns exploit others, which can strain relationships. These folks also like gossiping. Capricorns may betray you without telling you.

Aquarius might be quick to condemn others since they think they're knowledgeable and reasonable. They also like giving unsolicited advise. You may also think they're foolish.

Pisces: Swords symbolize glory. They define success and failure. Smart people make money from everything. They're self-centered. Different ideas may hurt people.

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