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Snowphobia Is HilariousCurrent Affairs 


Some people find snow wonderful. Cambria the dachshund doesn't care about new powder. Darn potty breaks!

After @adventuresofcambria uploaded the pup's hilarious snow reaction on TikTok, it went viral. You'll understand the video's popularity after seeing it!

LOL! Cambria is paw-some and amusing. The way she lay down after seeing the snow is everything!



"Me? go out? "@christinahaught91 said. True! She sounded almost annoyed that her owner wanted her to go outside, but we wonder what she's doing for toilet breaks.

"My Dachshund calls that 'poopin' in the house' weather," @Arleemareejenkins said. LMAO! We think many pups do, but what about Cambria?

"She's like, 'I have pottied already; you just haven't found it,'" wrote @spitty.creature. Hopefully not! 



 Pet parents are used to concealed surprises, but @katsnyder2728's view may be more accurate: "Shes like 'nope...I can hold it until it melts.'" Fingers crossed!

This Doxie's reaction is priceless, regardless of the weather. "The way she plopped back down" was @amytaylor531's and our fave. No snow for this diva!

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